Tree removal

Every year dozens of people are hospitalized in California for gardening-related injuries, and tree removal accounts for a lot of them; this is why it is important to hire a professional tree removal company to perform the task. Enrique´s Tree Service has been providing tree removal service to residences and businesses alike for many years.

Tree trimming

Tree trimming and tree pruning is critical to sustaining your tree’s health, stimulating growth and retaining its natural appearance, but do-it-yourselfers can often end up trimming incorrectly, causing serious damage to your beloved green asset. The science involves a deep understanding of tree biology, recognizing plant flaws and skillfully eliminating or minimizing defects

Lawn care

We know that a program for lawn fertilization and weed control that works in one neighboring area may not be right for another. Therefore, we tailor our fertilization and weed prevention services to the local climate and growing conditions in your area. We also know that different people have individual preferences for lawn care.

Lawn removing

Our reliable and experienced workers can help with one-off lawn mowing or a regular lawn maintenance service. They can work around your schedule and even be available for same-day help and when you are not able to be there in person. They can bring their own equipment, like leaf blowers, rakes, lawn mowers & more.

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Tree removal & Trimming

Lawn care & removing

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